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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  July 6, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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new this morning, officers rushed a man to the hospital after finding him shot, several times we will tell you where the violence unfolded overnight. and also, grab the umbrella rain is expected throughout the delaware valley today as we look live at storm scan three, we will tell you when you might hear thunder. and, a baby's hospitalized after he is found with the hypodermic needle sticking out of his legs, we will tell you you this baby is doing this morning. it is thursday july 6th good morning i'm jim donovan. good morning, jim good morning, rahel. >> i am's rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this thursday morning. >> good morning. >> it is friday eve. >> good morning. >> look at that outside, we
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have a couple accidents and a lot of construction. when i say a lot a lengthy list, we will get to all of that. >> yes. >> okay, katie, how about that >> it is out there, i saw it. >> um-hmm. >> my goodness. at lee for now roads are dry. it has been progressive. you can see activity popping here on storm scan three. we have been talking about this for several days but today is a day you will want to have your umbrella ready to go because eventually as the first disturbance moves in here we will dodge off and on showers and thunderstorms really, really anytime. especially as we go in toward chester county, lancaster count that i wet weather is creeping in, as showers and for the time being most of us are still, dry, now looking at area temperatures we are off to a mild start. mid to upper 60's with a handful of temperatures in the lower 70's. we will bottom out to 68 degrees before the sun comes up which is right where we should be somebody nothing all that a typical there.
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it is a cooler day, we have a lot more cloud cover, granted, more steamy, as that moisture content in the atmosphere but notice, you don't see a heck of a lot of sunshine. everything will be scattered in nature off and on in nature but it is with us all the time >> yeah, all right, well, i guess, the positive side. >> all right, katie, thanks very much. very good morning to all of you. take a look we have flares on the roadway. moments ago, would i say five or 10 minutes ago when my producer tim and write looking at this, there was a car upside down over this guardrail. this is i-95 north past walt whitman. flares in the road, cops are out there as well. we have people on foot as well would i say be very careful around this area, right now, they are trying to get this cleaned up for you. obviously congestion levels will not play a part and moving in the north bound direction but just a head up this is out there and start to cause problems for us if it is not out in the 5:00 o'clock
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hour. then vine we were talking about this construction. vine was closed first time this week, so westbound,e bounties closed for overnight construction and more construction at 95 south at enterprise avenue right lane blocked and a lot more in the next 10 minutes. jim, over to you. a man is fighting for his life after shooting in the east germantown section. this happened on the 5,000 block of germantown avenue just after 12:30. the 30 year-old victim was shot multiple times and then was rushed to the hospital, police are trying to figure out what sparked gunfire, so far, no arrests have been made a nine month-old baby is rushed to the hospital after he rolled on to a needle, in the cities manayunk section. this happened on the 200 block of green lane last night, medics found the needle sticking out of the babies legs. we are told infant's father was with the child at the time of the accident. the authorities are testing the needle while child is being evaluated at the hospital. thirteen story apartment building in center city was
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evacuated last night after fire broke out on the second floor. just a short time we have learned that most of the residents were allowed to return home. chopper three was over that smokey scene at 13th and walnut just after 7:00 p.m. it took fire fighter an hour to bring the fire under control but all residents will not aloud to reenter until l and i inspects the building. >> everything is okay. i don't want my stuff to get messed up but i just want everyone to be okay, i mean you don't want to walk back come off work and come back to this, last thing you want to see. >> no one was injured in the fire and unclear exactly how many people were out of their homes but apartment building houses more than 120 units. no official word on what caused that fire. burlington county, new jersey had fire fighters suffering a minor injuries bat telling fire in the condo complex in mount laurel. chopper three over this scene on the 2100 block of yarmouth lane around 4:00 had yesterday afternoon. red cross ace cyst continuing four displaced families.
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there is in word what sparked this fire. down the shore five men are charged after allegedly getting in the fight with life guard. this all happened on ocean city's eighth street beach around 4:30 on tuesday. several families complained to life guard about a rowdy bunch of people who period to be inn tux kateed. they approached and asked for their cooperation. that is when it escalated in to a physical confrontation. police rushed to the beach to help and group allegedly assaulted the officers. >> they made a bad choice in the beginning which created a bad situation for everybody,. >> now two of the men ran on the boardwalk, police arrested them inside wonder land pier in total five men were taken in custody, four have been charged with aggravated assault on top of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. fifth man was charged with disorderly conduct. in the wake of the brutal killing of the nypd officer in the bronx new york city police officer has a message for his fellow officers. commissioner james o'neill said, i know that our
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profession can sometimes seem thankless and when tragedy like this occurs it feels like you are facing this burden alone but are not. the nypd officer is a family. she she was shot in the head early yesterday morning. suspect in the shooting was shot and killed by police. and the suspect in this ambush style attack on a philadelphia police officer is due in court for a motions hearing. police say edward archer shot jesse hartnett multiple times in his patrol car in west fail in january of last year. archer confessed to shooting the officer in the name of islam. charges include attempted murder. is there a war of word underway in new jersey over state's brand new budget. democratic assembly speaker vincent preit owe stripped democratic priorities from the budget. christie spokesperson says that the governor left all 73 budget requests intact, and, line-item vetoed 20 provisions christie spokesperson said at
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digsal spending was quote, sneakily tucked into the budget. president has a big day ahead as he meets with poland 's president and delivers a speech to the polish people. president trump and first lady melania trum april arrived in poland overnight. later today the president will travel to hamburg germany for g20 summit and scheduled to meet face-to-face for the first time with russian president vladamire putin tomorrow. american red cross is urgently looking for blood donors as they face critical shortage. blood donations fallen short of expectations for last two months that has resulted in 61,000 fewer donations then needed nationally. the short fall would be the equivalent of the red cross not collecting any donations for more than four days. >> summer has always been a really challenging time to collect blood because people take vacations and in the top of mine, people don't think about donating blood in the summer. you may take a vacation, need for blood does not. >> just to be meeting patient and hospital demand red cross
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need toss collect 1,000 unit of blood per day. well, imagine finding this , snake, in your yard, this is now back with its owner but not before causing quite a stir in the philadelphia neighborhood. "eyewitness news" caught up with the snake's owner outside animal control in hunting park el-shabazz was there to pick up his python. earlier today it sliterd out of his home in point breeze and ended up in his neighbor's front yard. >> i seen him and picked it up and put it in the bag. i'm standing there watching everything. >> he is very come stick. it is just another pet. >> i cannot even imagine. el-shabazz, believe he left the front door opened. go on the field trip. trip they will never forget members of the keystone state boys choir are back home this morning, after touring europe with the holocaust
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serve i've. "eyewitness news" at philadelphia international airport last night as boys, filled the hall with some beautiful sounds, they spent 16 days touring germany and czech republic with holocaust survivor, ingaarbuckler. >> it it is special times and we gave people hope, goodness, kindness, still very, very much alive and these young men are in the middle of that. >> trip they will never forget the boys said they were moved by their visit to a concentration camp where she and her family struggled to survive during world war two. today is kevin hart day in philadelphia. >> philly's favorite comedian will be honored with a larger then life mural this morning. it is near germantown and erie avenue in north philadelphia, not far from hart's favorite
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spot, and also a block from kevin's childhood home. coming up next, ukee washington who was a member of the keystone boys choir, has an exclusive interview with the hometown star, very good interview. well, coming up some suspects in susquehanna county are facing serious charge these morning. >> take a look, this would be the crime that landed the bad guys in the back of a police car. and art supply store hobby lobby is facing a big fine this morning, we will tell you what the justice department is accusing the retailer of doing when we come
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the red cross returned to that neighborhood in the afternoon. >> you get out, you stay out, do not go back in for any reason. let the professionals go back into get your pets. >> and two other residents and fire fighter suffered injuries and surviving doggies also receiving medical care. there is in word on what sparked that fire. congressman seriously injured in the last month's shooting in a baseball practice is back in intensive care. house majority whip steve scalise is battling an infection, he is listed in serious condition. an update is expected later today. scalise you may remember was shot in the hip by a gunman later killed by police on june g for an annual baseball game for, republicans and democrats .
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the conservative christian company purchased items because of quote their passion for the bible. hobby lobby has agreed to pay three million-dollar fine and forfeit, those artifacts. northern nevada out of control fire prompting hundreds of people to flee their homes, the ranch fire has charred 3500 acres at lee one home burned down in the fire, and it is now threatening to destroyed many more structures. residents are asked to leave their homes and take their animals with them, and, fire fighter says 20 percent contained and spreading quickly. time 4:44. katie's here with another check of your forecast. >> as we can see behind you, rain's moving in. >> indeed it is. >> we are not talking wash out status at all today but would i still keep your umbrella on stand by because these showers and thunderstorms are likely to fire up at anytime and it is one of those are you feeling lucky situations where we will see them come flaw in scattered nature. some will get hit, some won't see a thing at any given time
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on the area radar we are not getting hit with showers. so again it will be, a scattered situation when it comes to where these rounds of rain start to fire up, but note that is rain is very heavy, ample moisture to work with and i do think we can get douse by this wet weather as day goes on. we are in the clear after today, we will still to have deal with wet weather tomorrow , and generally un settled pattern is in our forecast. it comes with a fantastic trade off though just in time for weekend. wait for it. lets get out the door today, scattered showers, embedded thunderstorms is the call with heavy rain embedded in that. there may be localized, flooding where we see heaviest rain coming down, so, we will need to, be on our guard here today. at this point i would say you might be able to get in your outdoor plans but we have to keep a close watch, on this weather app out there throughout the day just keeping an eye on the radar and where things are evolving. looking forward there are more storms forecast for first half
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of friday, we will be able to get this mess out of here second half of friday but weekend, that is still un touched. it is still looking fantastic. granted breezy on saturday, we will take that after sunny skies and high of 88. sunday is my personal favorite with full sunshine light wind, low humidity, one of those perfect forecast and we will keep it going on monday too, meisha. >> that sound good to me. let's get through today and tomorrow. we are starting off busy, mainly, with concern, we have a very lengthy list of problems this morning. we have this more serious accident as well. ninety-five north past walt whitman we are down to one lane. we are looking at a vehicle flipped upside i odn't on this guardrail. flares in the roadway, and we got police on the scene. plus on the southbound side, we were block a far left lane as well, that has been since reopened it is just northbound side affected and that will slow us down as we tap our breaks and get gaper delay
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around that area as well. i-95 north between kerlin street and route 320 that right lane compromised. i-95 north at 332 right lane compromised. overnight we had vine closure first time this week, westbound/eastbound we are closed between schuylkill and broad and speaking of which construction on the schuylkill eastbound between henderson road and blue route that left lane is still compromised, a lot more to discuss in the little bit. jim and rahel, back over to you. trouble making ducks in susquehanna county, pennsylvania found themselves in hot water. >> these were ducks taken into custody there, their charge was loitering outside of a local gas station. authorities say ducks wondered too far away from their new milford home, but folks in the small town knew where they belonged and police were able to reunite them with their owner. >> they seem cute, those geese , those geese, those are tough, at least they look cute >> especially on kelly drive do not approach those geese on kelly drive if you have a
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small animal. >> yes. >> the owners of the taj mahal casino want to sell you the resorts old poker tables and chandeliers. >> they are having a liquidation sale. we will tell you where it is taking place and how long the sale is, when we come right
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welcome back. we are looking live at president trump meets with poland's president, president and first lady melania arrived overnight. later today president will travel to hamburg germany for g20 summit. tomorrow he is scheduled to meet face-to-face for the first time with russian president putin. happening today chance to own a piece of the old trump taj mahal, liquidation sale, former boardwalk landmark. they are getting rid of everything, that is right everything must go, but wait, there is more, sale keeps going until it is all gone, furniture, poker tables, piano , artwork and famous chandeliers.
4:51 am
it is being gutted and revamped at has record hotel and casino scheduled to open up next summer. time is 4:51. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's roxana saberi joins us from the insuring stock exchange. it was a mixed day yesterday. investors are watching for new reports. what is very latest there. >> reporter: that is right, jim and rahel, here on wall street investors are looking at jobs report due out today and tomorrow for clues on the fed's next interest rate hike. futures are pointing down, yesterday on wall street the dow jones lost one point and nasdaq finished 40 points higher. i understand leading auto maker is making big changes to phasing out conventional engines what is this all about >> reporter: yes, volvo plans to be the first major auto maker to stop building cars and suv's powered by internal combustion engines. company plans to build electric and hybrid vehicles
4:52 am
starting in two years. volvo says it was dictated by customer demand. electric and hybrid vehicle sales accounted for 3 percent of worldwide vehicle sales last year. jim and rahel. >> interests but it is only 3 percent of sales, i don't know about that. >> it is really small. >> i imagine that will grow, right. >> i guess they are looking at the future roxana. >> times are changing. >> ohio. >> wet day in the delaware valley. did you bring your umbrella. >> difficult not but katie, do you think it is a wash out or sprinkle here and there. >> well... we're definitely talking about wet weather the kind i would keep your umbrella handy for but is there a catch, not everyone will be getting hit at any given time. and also the nice trade off that waits behind this m
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it says you to me.the blue one here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine.
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two sensations that work together, so you can play together. well come back everyone as we take a live look here looking at franklin institute which our weather team is very
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proud, partner with the franklin institute at the official weather team have the franklin institute and official scene here, you can still til tell rye flex of the city lights on that cloud deck that is still out there we definitely have a relatively overcast sky to work with at the moment and we are dealing with some rain, throughout the course of the day here, folks. here's my advice i walk out, will you need it all day long, no. however, notice there is moisture however building in here so while we are off to a dry start throughout course of the day we will see off and on rounds of rain and thunderstorms coming through. you just want to be prepared when this gets underway and what you will notice just south of the nation's capitol right around beltway really soaking rain, coming in. we have the possibility to see that ourselves. so again, today is one of those days you would rather be safe then sorry and in the walk out with the umbrella, rahel. >> it is at my desk.
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>> it is okay. >> geese. >> got to get called out, right. all right. 71 degrees at the shore. seventy in the city. up in the mountains lower 60's , that wind flow will turn more southerly. moisture is building in short that means we will have ample moisture to bring some roundings of steady rain and or thunderstorms. 80 degrees is best we can hope for today, not quite close to seasonal with that said but notice humidity out there as well, later tonight dropping in the 60's, moving forward, tomorrow is still looking un settled, first half of the day, but we get paid back dividend here over course of the weekend and monday, gorgeous weather, three for three, couple days, meisha, that looks beautiful. >> what do you think it will look like around 9:00, 9:30. >> a.m. >> yes. >> probably scattered showersy got a dream drive. >> yes. >> wonderful. >> in all that rain. >> all right, katie, thanks very much. >> i got to say we are waking um with a lengthy list of
4:57 am
construction. a lot of that will be moving out of our way at top of the 5:00 or sooner on that time. we are waking up to some accidents as well this one in particular is more serious one ninety-five north past walt whitman we have flares in the roadways, we have police on the scene as well. they were blocking northbound lanes here, and then they had a lane blocked as well what happened was a vehicle was upside down, laying, kind of split on this guardrail right there. it looks lake they are trying to get this cleaned up. this will start to cause a problem, in the so much right now. this is backup shot. taillights moving toward where that is, you can see brake lights go off but so much right now we will not have a lot of gaper delay but pushing in the 5:00 o'clock hour that will tend to slow you down. jim, back over to you. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> president trump is in poland ahead of his world meeting, and we will have the latest on his second foreign trip. protecting passengers the event of the serious crash all
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large contracts are not created equal. we will have results of the crash tests still ahead we are back at the top of the
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we are live as officials plan a meeting now just gun violence in their neighborhood president trump meets with world leaders as they prepare for the g20 summit. i'm hanna daniels in new york with more on the president's second foreign trip of his administration. keeping the umbrella close by wet weather is heading our way as we look live, right now at storm scan three, katie's timing out the best chance to see some soaking rain. today is thursday july 6th, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon


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